Sports Birthday Party

Your child will have a ball with an evoL Sports birthday party!

Throwing a birthday party for your child can be challenging with so many details to pull together; you have the invitations, venue, food, cake, and organising all the pickups and drop-offs. But, what about the entertainment?

At evoL Sports, we take the pressure off of you to keep all the partygoers active and engaged by providing a sports program with your birthday boy/girl in mind.

Our coaches are trained to make sure every child is included and having a blast, while your birthday boy/girl gets to feel special and honored on their big day. Whether your child has a favorite sport in mind or wants to have a variety of activities, we have all the equipment and coaches to guide it.

Sports Birthday Party

An evoL Sports Birthday Party:

  • An experienced evoL Sports coach comes to your location.

  • All equipment provided.

  • Sports and activities for as little as 1.5 hours, or longer depending on your party.

  • The birthday boy/girl will receive an evoL Sports ball.

  • You provide the venue, catering, decorations, cake, etc.

  • We can provide downloadable sports-themed invitations.

  • Contact us for program prices based on the number of party attendees and to discuss the birthday boy/girl’s favorite sports.

Sports Birthday Party

Our team of evoL Sports coaches have over seventy years of combined coaching experience in every sport from basketball and netball to martial arts, dance, and swimming. So, we are fully prepared to offer any sport that your birthday boy/girl wants to play and can customise a program based on the age of your party attendees. One of our favorite programs, especially for younger children, is “crazy athletics”.

What is “crazy athletics”?
This is a wild and fun program designed by our coaches to ensure the children are having the most fun while at the same time burning as much energy as possible. Children go crazy for it, hence the name! The children get warmed up and enthusiastic by cheering each other on running relays, and it only gets better as they run potato sack races, carry popcorn with their feet, play bean bag and hula hoop games, and many more.

By the end of the party, every child will return home having smiled, laughed, and burned off the sugar high from all the birthday cake they ate!